Who this is for?

From Repeat founders with 10M+ exits to Future founders ready to start their first big thing. When you apply to join you will receive verified status of up to 3 of the following

Future founders

Individuals hungry to start something. We look for Intentions to create something of value, evidence of ability to execute even if its a different field or area.

Early stage founder

Founders searching for product market fit. This is for you if you are actively validating an idea, have a team in place, have a MVP built.

Scaling founder

Founders with product-market fit. We typically look for: clear validation of product, businesses generating revenue, scalable model.

Repeat founder

Founders with a startup under their belt. We typically look for one of the following; one exit above €150k, more than €250k raised or founded business with yearly profit above €100k

C-level Professionals

For those that have previously held positions in the C-suite.