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We're here for the dreamers, the believers, the doers. The ones building the lives they want, and companies the world needs.

We enable you to build your best network, making that journey more rewarding, joyful and full of friendship.

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I’m Tanya and I’ve been living in Portugal for about a year. Originally from Ukraine currently I’m developing my AI based text editor. We’re in early development stage and hoping to get the MVP out in a few months. We’re open to partnership, advice and mentoring.




I’m Daniella, I have a background in brand strategy, and software development. I’ve been a developer, designer and am now working on multiple ventures with an emphasis on the Crypto Art space. Here to look for interesting people to connect with and see if we can start something together.




I’m a serial Entrepreneur with an exit to Fitbit | Ex-Google | 10+ years in Marketing Founder @ NewTowner App, we are transforming Social Connections in for people in new cities. My main focus areas are Proptech, Mobile & Social Apps, Community & Events Platforms, B2C Marketing.




Hi everyone! I’m Fernando, currently CMO at Rydoo, an expense management SaaS. I started as a solopreneur a long time ago and more recently I’ve been leading and coaching marketing teams in B2B tech companies, always looking to share and to learn with the community.




My name is Dean Fankhauser. I'm Australian, but lived in London, Berlin, Amsterdam for the last 15 years. I'm Founder, CEO at Bitcompare.net with a number of other side projects in the travel, and AI space. Prior to these projects, I was Founder, CEO at Nuji which was acquired by Klarna.




I’m Alina, a co-founder running my own agency business and now working on a GPT-based tool that creates strategic marketing copy in 15 minutes. I’m excited to meet other tech founders, help with marketing and branding, and find ways to collaborate — whether in person in London or remotely.




2+ years scaling Danish fashion e-commerce sites via strategy advising & hands-on paid ads management, 1 year trying to launch a failed SaaS product. I have advised Femtech & health tech companies in London, fintech companies in Denmark, and also hosted a lecture at Columbia University in the City of New York.




Hi there! I’m Chris, founder of IOnaute, we are building the future of valuable goods ownership and experience! I come from the luxury industry, and after a few years as jeweller and factory manager in Asia, I founded Coradam, a quality control company now operating in 6 countries across Europe and Asia.

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1,000+ members are helping one another to intentionally build businesses we want and need.

All members are at different stages in the founders journey, from RepeatFounders with 10M+ exits to FutureFounders ready to start their next first big thing, we’ll help you discover your peer group and wider founder community.

Whatever your background, we invite you make the journey more rewarding, fulfilling and full of friendship.



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Building a business is hard. It might be the hardest thing you ever do.

No matter which stage you’re at, a community of trusted peers is crucial to your growth.

That's why we're here - to help you grow your best support network, because the people you surround yourself with, have the power to profoundly change your trajectory.

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We are open to: future founder, early stage, scaling founder, repeat founder, c-level and/or investor based on the info you give to us. As well as achievements, we look for hungry, helpful people that will add to the community

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Yes! In fact it’s how we grow. We are developing a reward system for those that refer members so you get a free month per referral